About us

Qendra e Artizanatit Lezhe - Artistike Zadrima

We weave tradition with modernity

To ensure the continuity of works with looms which are carriers of the values and cultural heritage of the Lezha Region, they are an important asset in the development of tourism and local entrepreneurship in this sector.

The Artisan workshop was established in 1993 in the village of Blinisht in Lezha. The first initiate was Mrs. Tereze Gega, who thought that this special tradition of the loom, which characterizes the area of Zadrima, should be practiced not just as a habit but as a craft that could be transformed into a successful business.

For more than 20 years, more than 50 women have worked in this center at different times. About 100 women have been trained in the field of handicrafts and tailoring.

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Our Mission

Preserve Tradition combining it with modernity

In our Center we support and promote the old tradition of weaving.

We support and promote the work of women and girls in the surrounding villages.

We are the first Center that has revived the old tradition of silkworm cultivation.

Everything we produce is inspired by tradition.

We promote and support the concept of slow fashion: quality clothing and accessories that are designed to last for years.